Meike Landmann

Dr. Meike Landmann, Dipl. Psych., hat im Bereich Pädagogische Psychologie an der TU Darmstadt promoviert und ist Mitarbeiterin am Institut für Qualitätsentwicklung (IQ) in Wiesbaden.

Entspannt durch den Schulalltag von Meike Landmann


Entspannt durch den Schulalltag
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This book discusses the principles of self- and stress-management by offering direct suggestions for controlling one’s own behavior.First, the author introduces a three-phase model of self-regulation and relates it to the job of teaching. Then, in a sort of interactive dialogue, the author develops individual action strategies for each phase of the model, suggesting along the way a number of ways to relieve and manage stress. The volume also offers manifold tips, checklists and strategic references to help put the content into action in one’s own daily life.

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