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Batya Gur

1947 in Tel Aviv geboren, war Dozentin für Literatur sowie Autorin und Kritikerin der israelischen Zeitung Ha’aretz in Jerusalem. Ihre Kriminalromane erreichten in Deutschland Auflagen von über einer halben Million Exemplare.
Batya Gur starb 2005 in Jerusalem.

Murder Duet von Batya Gur


Murder Duet
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With tension as taut as strings on a cello, the fourth Michael Ohayon mystery from "Israel's Agatha Christie,” in which the police officer must solve the murder of two musicians, is "pure reading pleasure” (New York Times).

After his cellist friend's father and brother—who are also well-known musicians—are brutally murdered, Chief Superintendent Michael Ohayon, a classical music afficionado, sets out to solve the crime. From the opening pages, where the detective plays a compact disc of Brahm's First Symphony, to the newly discovered music for an unknown Vivaldi requiem that provides a rock-solid motive for the crime, lovers of crime novels, as well as music, will thrill to every dulcet note.

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