Arne Drews

I live and work as a pulmonologist (lung doctor) in Grimma, Germany. I am married and have three children. Since I first travelled to India, Sikkim and Nepal in 1992 the people of the Himalayas have never left my thoughts. The contrasts of gorgeous pagodas or palaces and the extreme poverty of the simple people, nestled under the giant white mountains have never failed to touch my heart.

During my Medical Studies I also undertook Central Asian Studies at Leipzig University. In the year 2000 my friends and I founded our charity organization Nepalmed to help provide health care especially in remote areas of Nepal. Since the beginning I have been the chairman of Nepalmed. Since then we have successfully completed innumerable projects with our Nepalese and western partners.

In recognition of the voluntary work of Nepalmed, I was invited by German federal president Gauck to a celebration at Castle Bellevue in Berlin on 21st September 2015. After the devastating earthquake in Nepal 2015, I published a book of short stories about the country and its people together with supporters of Nepalmed. In 2016 I was appointed editor for health care of “Nepal-I”, the journal of the German Nepal Friendship Society.
Nepal - Ansichten und Einsichten von Arne Drews

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Nepal - Ansichten und Einsichten

Nepal - Ansichten und Einsichten

eBook (ePUB 3)


Ansichten: Tagebuchaufzeichnungen und Fotos eines Touristen (Steffen Jacob) von zwei ­Reisen nach Nepal in den Jahren 2009 und 2017. Einsichten: Anmerkungen eines Landes­kundigen (Dr. Arne Drews) zu den Beobachtungen, Eindrücken und (Vor-)Urteilen des Touristen.

Das Buch verbindet die Unmittelbarkeit der Eindrücke, das Auf-und-Ab der Empfindungen des Touristen mit der Landeskenntnis des Experten. Der Leser, die Leserin wird auf die zwei ­Reisen mitgenommen und erfährt dabei gleichzeitig entsprechende landeskundliche Hintergründe.

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