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Dr. Annette Lepschy, Sprecherzieherin (DGSS) und Linguistin; Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben am Centrum für Rhetorik, Kommunikation und Theaterpraxis der Universität Münster; Rhetoriktrainerin in den Bereichen Verwaltung, Bibliotheken, mittelständische Unternehmen, Schule und soziale Einrichtungen

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Teaching people to speak – The didactics and methodology of speech rhetoric

Efforts to impart rhetorical abilities and skills in a teacher/student context call for careful thought and decision-making not only in relation to the subject itself but also the didactics and methodology of teaching it. Only constant reflection on the professional, didactic and methodological aspects of a subject can lead to an approach to teaching it that is substantiated and tenable.
This book is conceived as a “guide to the teaching of speech rhetoric” and represents the teaching experience acquired by the two authors over many years. It offers a systematic overview of all the areas that may be of importance within the context of a rhetorical seminar or coaching programme. It deals, on the one hand, with the surface structures of speaking, providing teaching modules on optics, acoustics and language. And on the other, it subjects the deep structures of speech - i.e. its cognitive, emotive and voluntative aspects such as goal clarification, speech structures, handling of material, target group orientation, adoption of others’ perspectives or impact on the listener - to didactic and methodological treatment. The didactic section of each chapter comprises a description of the subject matter, the methodological section the exercises to be dealt with.
The accompanying DVD contains many examples of speaking that can be used in the seminar context for arousing awareness of and analysing the surface structure and deep-structure aspects.
The book is addressed both at people who are already teaching in areas of social study of all kinds and wish to “freshen up” their teaching practice or give it some new thought, and at those who are just at the start of their teaching career or are still preparing for it and are looking for a knowledgeable study of the didactics and methodology of speech rhetoric.

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