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Andreas Bach

Andreas Bach, Studium an der Universität Hildesheim, Diplom in Kulturwissenschaften, Erstes und Zweites Staatsexamen für das Lehramt, anschließend Promotionsstipendium am dortigen Centrum für Bildungs- und Unterrichtsforschung (CeBU). Seit 2013 Akademischer Rat am Zentrum für Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerbildung der Universität Flensburg.

Beginner's Guitar von Andreas Bach


Beginner's Guitar
  • Beginner's Guitar
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Conquer the world with six strings! The ultimate textbook for guitar lessons with many famous hits from rock and pop history is finally here! Beginner's Guitar is also suitable for self-study and offers a motivating all-round programme for beginners - this method gives a quick step-by-step introduction to the great and fascinating world of the guitar. The layout is great and easy to read, the playbacks rock and convey a real live feeling right from the start.

guitar, E-guitar

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