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Alberto Bertolazzi

Zu Beginn seiner journalistischen Karriere arbeitete Alberto Bertolazzi zunächst für den italienischen Hörfunk, später für lokale Zeitungen sowie nationale Hochglanz- und Reisemagazine.
Als begeisterter Sportler und Trainer für Kinder- und Jugendmannschaften im Fussball und Rugby beteiligte er sich an der Erstellung verschiedener Kinderbücher, darunter Sports Explained to Children. Sein Debut als Romanautor feiert er schliesslich im Jahr 2011 mit dem Titel Il rugby salvera il mondo (Rugby rettet die Welt). Ausserdem ist Alberto Bertolazzi Herausgeber zahlreicher Bildbände mit historischem, naturwissenschaftlichem und künstlerischem Charakter.

Soccer for Kids von Alberto Bertolazzi


Soccer for Kids
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With over a billion players, soccer is the most widely played sport in the world. The reasons for its success are simple: All that is required to play it is an open space and a ball. Soccer for Kids is an illustrated guide with a simple approach to the sport aimed at children and young teens. A brief introduction includes facts about the history of soccer from its origins to present day. The core of the book covers principal rules and basic techniques of the game: the dribble, pass, and much more. It defines individual and team moves with a focus on tactics (i.e., behavior on the field). Another chapter is about the goalkeeper and the skills required. The tutorial offers advice on how to get into soccer with the help of humorous illustrations. The final chapter is devoted to teams and players that have helped to raise the popularity of soccer worldwide-from Real Madrid to Milan, from Maradona to Messi. Soccer for Kids is an enjoyable, easy-to-understand guide for kids to help them take their first steps in the game.

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