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Transatlantic Airships

An Illustrated History

Recounts the story of the lighter-than-air 'pond hoppers' from the earliest schemes and bold pioneering flights, including the triumphant double-crossing by the R34. This book describes the rise of the Zeppelins and the ambitious British scheme to connect its far-flung Empire, and the post-war proposals for colossal atomic-powered leviathans.


John Christopher has been a professional balloon pilot for twenty years and has had a long involvement with airships. A recognized authority on all aspects of lighter-than-air flight, he is a director of Airship Initiatives, a consultancy service with the primary aim of putting airships to work. John has contributed to a number of publications including Air & Space magazine and Airsports International. He was the former editor of the Aerostat journal of the British Balloon & Airship Club, and Airship the journal of the Airship Association. Resident - Bristol

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