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Notes from a Loud Woman

´Women are told, from birth, that it´s our job to be small: physically small, small in our presence, and small in our impact on the world. We´re supposed to spend our lives passive, quiet and hungry. I want to obliterate that expectation...´

Guardian columnist Lindy West wasn´t always loud. It´s difficult to believe she was once a nerdy, overweight teen who wanted nothing more than to be invisible. Fortunately for women everywhere, along the road she found her voice - and how she found it! That cripplingly shy girl who refused to make a sound, somehow grew up to be one of the loudest, shrillest, most fearless feminazis on the internet, making a living standing up for what´s right instead of what´s cool.

In Shrill, Lindy recounts how she went from being the butt of people´s jokes, to telling her own brand of jokes - ones that carry with them with a serious message and aren´t at someone else´s expense. She reveals the obstacles and stereotyping she´s had to overcome to make herself heard, in a society that doesn´t think women (especially fat women and feminists) are or can be funny.

She also tackles some of the most burning issues of popular culture today, taking a frank and provocative look at racism, oppression, fat-shaming, twitter-trolling and even rape culture, unpicking the bullshit and calling out unpalatable truths with conviction, intelligence and a large dose of her trademark black humour.

´Lindy West is an essential (and hilarious) voice for women. Her talent and bravery have made the Internet a place I actually want to be.´ Lena Dunham

A warm, capacious and funny writer Guardian

Lindy West is a Seattle-based writer and performer whose work focuses on pop culture, feminism, social justice, humour and body image. Currently a weekly columnist at the Guardian and culture writer for GQ magazine, she was previously one of the most popular and prolific writers at feminist blog Jezebel.com. Lindy´s articles typically generate thousands of shares and retweets. In January 2015 her exposure was magnified by a segment aired on US national radio in which she confronted an internet troll who´d impersonated her dead father. The podcast and ensuing article went viral and were shared more than 85,000 times worldwide, gaining Lindy countless new followers.

As a live performer and commentator, Lindy has made numerous appearances on radio and TV, and regularly speaks at academic events, conferences and literary festivals. In 2013, she won a Social Media Award from NYC´s Women´s Media Center, was selected for the Nation´s top ten feminist articles of the year and New Statesman´s top 20 best online pieces of the year, and was profiled by Cosmopolitan magazine.

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