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John Sinclair, Episode 3: Dr. Satanos

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John Sinclair

John Sinclair - A new audio drama series: blockbuster cinema for your ears only: a breathtaking mixture of gothic horror and fast-paced action paired with an audio-rich atmosphere. Produced internationally in London and Los Angeles with Andrew Wincott as John Sinclair, Anthony Skordi, Emma Tate, Dan Mersh, Charlotte Moore, Nico Lennon and many others. John Sinclair: Hell's best entertainment - for your aural pleasure! "No one knew his name. People in these parts simply called him "Dr. Satanos". He had the look of a kindly uncle. He was dressed in a white lab coat... splattered with specks of blood...? A mysterious scientist is working on a groundbreaking medical procedure - with deadly consequences. When an elderly hairdresser finds a severed head in the middle of a coastal road, an extraordinary sequence of events begins... and a small town in Cornwall is plunged into a terrifying nightmare. Detective Chief Inspector John Sinclair works for Scotland Yard's Special Division, an elite unit that deals with extraordinary cases. DCI Sinclair is a battle-hardened veteran of Afghanistan, a man haunted by the past. This time, Sinclair is in a race against the clock, trying to stop a gruesome killing spree... "John Sinclair" is a reboot of Europe's longest running horror series. Originally conceived in 1973 and still running strong, the "John Sinclair" novellas are firmly rooted in the finest pulp traditions, true page turners with spine-tingling suspense, exquisite gore and a dash of adventure. "John Sinclair" combines the dark visions of Stephen King, Clive Barker and the "X-Files" with the fast-paced action and globe-trotting excitement of James Bond.
Helmut Rellergerd, geboren 1945, schreibt seit Ende der 70er Jahre unter dem Pseudonym Jason Dark die Kultserie "JOHN SINCLAIR". "JOHN SINCLAIR" ist eine der erfolgreichsten Horror-Serien der Welt und Helmut Rellergerd einer der meistgelesenen Autoren deutscher Sprache.
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Medium MP3
Sprecher Andrew Wincott, Anthony Skordi
Erscheinungsdatum 31.07.2015
Serie John Sinclair
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9783838777344
Verlag Lübbe Audio
Spieldauer 57 Minuten
Format & Qualität MP3, 57 Minuten
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