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Henrietta Hooper Chases a Starfish

A Field Mouse Story

This colorful storybook tells the adventure of Henry and Henrietta, field mouse twins on Hooper farm. On a hot day, they go to the beach at the ocean with the farm family. They promise to stay out of the water. They look at birds and seashells. Henrietta wants to see a starfish. Following a seagull's footprints is fun, until small waves make them lose their way. Can the seagull help Henrietta return to the yellow beach umbrella?
The story can be read to Pre-k and K, and is suitable for Grade 1 and Grade 2 beginner readers. The 1,000-word tale uses concepts, vocabulary and artwork designed for young children.
Rolla Donaghy grew up in Canada where she studied music and theatre arts. Professionally, she has worked as an elementary educator and school counselor in Toronto, Boston and Honolulu, with a specialty in school readiness. She is the author of the beginning reader field mouse stories: Henry Hooper Leaves the Farm, and Henrietta Hooper Chases a Starfish.
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