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Expecting Better

Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom is Wrong and What You Really Need to Know

A groundbreaking guide to pregnancy: empowers women with the facts and allows them to make their own decisions. FREAKANOMICS meets WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU´RE EXPECTING.

Award-winning Emily Oster debunks myths about pregnancy to empower women while they´re expecting.

Pregnant women are often treated as if they were children, given long lists of items to avoid - alcohol, caffeine, sushi - without any real explanation from their doctors about why. They hear frightening and contradictory myths about everything from weight gain to sleeping on your back to bed rest from friends and pregnancy books. In EXPECTING BETTER, Oster shows that the information given to pregnant women is sometimes wrong and almost always oversimplified.

EXPECTING BETTER overturns standard recommendations for alcohol, caffeine, sushi, bed rest and induction, while putting in context the blanket guidelines for fetal testing, weight gain, risks of pregnancy over the age of 35, and nausea, among others.

Oster offers the real-world advice one would never get at the doctor´s office. Knowing that the health of your baby is paramount, readers can know more and worry less. Having the numbers is a tremendous relief - and so is the occasional glass of wine.

EXPECTING BETTER will be a revelation for curious mothers-to-be whose doctors fail to lay out the pros and cons of that morning latte, let alone discuss real science. And it makes for valuable homework before those harried appointments, even for lucky patients whose doctors are able to talk about the rationale behind their advice. The New York Times
She was featured in SuperFreakonomics for her study on the effects of cable TV on the birthrate in India. Emily was a speaker at the 2007 TED conference, where she discussed her work on HIV in Africa.Follow Emily Oster on Twitter .
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Seitenzahl 336
Erscheinungsdatum 21.08.2014
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-4091-5206-4
Verlag Orion Publishing Co
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