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Advanced Style: Older and Wiser

Older and Wiser

'I must tell you that I am not really an old lady; just cleverly disguised as one. Art and colour keep me young, keep me sane. Working as I do as an untutored 'outsider' artist is my therapy...'This follow up to bestselling Advance Style (Powerhouse, 2012, also available) features more senior street style and inspiration from all over the globe. In this new edition Ari Seth Cohen shares his work from the past few years, which now includes photographs of some of the world's best-dressed older gentlemen as well as ladies. ADVANCED STYLE: OLDER AND WISER is similar in format to the original with dozens of images from cities all over the world including Los Angeles, London, Cape Town, Rome, Tokyo, Melbourne, New York, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Stockholm and Palm Springs. It will also feature around 10 short essays by the subjects of the book, distilling the wisdom and lifestyle secrets of some of Cohen's favourite Advanced Style ladies
"Ari Seth Cohen's new book, Advanced Style: Older & Wiser, which is filled with street-style photos and brief profiles of older people who dress with more exuberance than the average millennial, shows that notion to be nonsense." -Quartz

"'Ari's been concentrating on women of a certain age, but why not men? Maybe they're harder to find, like a needle in the haystack!' comically posits Derrill Osborn, one of the breakout menswear stars of Ari Seth Cohen's upcoming tome, Advanced Style: Older and Wiser." -Vogue

"The subjects in Cohen's photographs are unapologetic peacocks. They do not abide the unspoken dictates of age-appropriateness nor subscribe to the current vogue for studied nonchalance." -Slate

'I must tell you that I am not really an old lady, just cleverly disguised as one,' the seventy-five-year-old cook-turned-artist Sue Kreitzman tells Ari Seth Cohen in his new book, 'Advanced Style: Older and Wiser.' The bundles of vibrant patterns and fabrics that she sports certainly suggest a young eye and a joyful soul, her snowy hair notwithstanding. Cohen has just compiled his second volume of photographs and interviews, based on his beloved blog, highlighting the sprightly, inventive clothes he observes on the city's elderly, all largely ignored by the fashion élite." -The New Yorker

"...now he's come out with a second book, Advanced Style: Older & Wiser, which not only depicts men and women in all their splendor, but their hearts and souls, too, with accompanying essays." -Hadassah

"A certain street-stylish, over-50 set is turning the notion of age-appropriate dressing on its head, wearing Iris Apfel glasses, feather boas, and leather that would put Balmain to shame. Photographer Ari Seth Cohen has chronicled these chic grandmothers - and grandfathers - on his travels in Buenos Aries, Tokyo, and Sydney." -The Cut

"A prolific understanding of what fashions work best for you, not others, is an acquired skill. And no one has perhaps captured the art of years-wise dressing better than blogger, author, and photographer Ari Seth Cohen, who, for years-eight, to be exact-has scoured to globe to gift us with a replenished collection of images that highlight just how well ladies and gentleman of a certain age can dress." -InStyle

"Cohen's work captures the creativity, positivity, and spirit of fashionable seniors who are transforming cliché notions of aging," -Flavorwire

"We all have our style icons: RiRi in a Swarovski crystal thong, Beyoncé in Roberto Cavalli with a baseball bat, Prince, always. But often our greatest style inspiration comes closer to home, or right in the family. For Ari Seth Cohen, the most influential fashion icons are the ones that we might overlook: our grandparents." -Paper

"The book also includes 22 personal essays from a few of the fabulous faces, offering their time-tested wisdom on both style and lifestyle, often capturing the intersection between the two. A fierce panache for fashion and a daring approach to personal expression seem to coincide with a wholehearted, vibrant way of being, based on these gray-haired and glorious ladies and gents." -My Modern Metropolis

"As we get older, it's easy to worry about our looks and to fear invisibility. The antidote to that is Advanced Style, photographer Ari Seth Cohen's online homage to older people's street style." -BUST Magazine

"Now a new book of street fashion celebrates the rise of the bolder and wiser, who never let age stand in their way of looking great." -Saga

"With a foreword from the well-loved eccentric fashion commentator Simon Doonan and essays from some of the subjects themselves, in addition to Cohen's photographs that brim with glorious personality, this book is filled with hilarious, well-worn wisdom." -Rangefinder

"From head-to-toe tiger print to bright blue hair, all-over clashing patterns and heart-shaped shades, every single look is enviable." -Cool Hunting

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Einband gebundene Ausgabe
Seitenzahl 274
Erscheinungsdatum 10.05.2016
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-57687-797-5
Verlag Random House LCC US
Maße (L/B/H) 24,9/18,5/3 cm
Gewicht 1136 g
Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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