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A World In Disarray

American Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Old Order

A World in Disarray is a wise and visionary examination of the current world by Richard Haass, the president of the US Council on Foreign Relations. It is rich in history, examining how we got where we are today, and what needs doing to make things better. Haass shows that the world cannot have stability or prosperity without the United States, but that the United States cannot be a force for global stability and prosperity without its politicians and citizens reaching a new understanding.
"A valuable primer on foreign policy: a primer that concerned citizens of all political persuasions - not to mention the president and his advisers - could benefit from reading."
-Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times
"A must-read for the new American president and all who are concerned by the state of the world and the prospect of things getting worse. Richard Haass takes the reader galloping through the last four centuries of history to explain how we got to where we are, and then offers an insightful and strategically coherent approach to coping with and managing the challenges before us. Practical and provocative: a book that sets the policy table."
-Robert M. Gates
"Haass's views demand the highest respect, because he understands that the foremost requirement for stability is that the great nations can deal with each other, and should use diplomacy, an art that recent British governments have almost abandoned in favour of soundbite broadcasts, and that in America threatens to be displaced by a tweetocracy. He understands the limits of power, and of the possible: terrorism must be contained, but cannot be eliminated. China and Russia must be granted respect on the world stage, but a willingness to resist their acts of aggression must be supported by credible western armed forces. America needs to change its Middle East policy, but cannot conceivably walk away from the region. If we had grounds to suppose that the new tenant of the White House was taking Haass's book to his bed with him, the rest of us might sleep a tad easier in ours."
- Sunday Times
"This is a thought-provoking book that suggests the new foreign policy 2.0 requires more global engagement."
-Huffington Post
"Richard Haass's A World in Disarray is an important primer on the chaotic landscape Trump will inherit."
-New Republic
"In a world where power has become decentralized and respects no borders, we need an updated operating system, one that provides a new method for conducting diplomacy. In this wise and historically grounded book, Richard Haass shows what we need to do at home and in our foreign policy to make this work. It's a brilliant approach for a troubled world."
-Walter Isaacson
"With bracing intellectual rigor and a sure feel for the realities of politics and of culture, Richard Haass offers us an invaluable window on a world, as he puts it, in disarray. A wise and engaging voice, Haass is always worth listening to--now more than ever."
-Jon Meacham
"We live in an age when trends once thought irreversible -- globalization, unipolarity, even democracy -- have proven no longer to be. I know of no better guide through these upheavals and toward the new strategies they require than Richard Haass's A World in Disarray. It's essential for anyone trying to understand the new pivotal moment we all inhabit." -John Lewis Gaddis
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Erscheinungsdatum 10.01.2017
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-0-399-56236-5
Verlag Penguin Putnam Inc
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