How to become who you are

The do-it-yourself handbook of introspection, meditation and self-love

Ratziel Bander

Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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Every person's individual conceptual reality is held in place by the subconscious, which exists on the periphery of our conscious experience. The conscious mind did not establish these conceptual constructions; they were gathered from experience by the subconscious and constructed to keep us safe.

The ancient Greeks of the mystery schools called the result of this construction the meta-identity. That means it is the identity that comes after the original identity with which we were born. The construction starts as early as when we cry for our first food.

The subconscious, using the physical dynamics and chemistry of the brain, constructs the world around us at every moment. Without this interface between the subconscious and the brain, the world might be a very confusing place.

According to the blueprint the subconscious has established, the conscious mind will view and react to the world from a particular and unique perspective. But no concept embedded in the subconscious is really a part of the self. Constructs only help us navigate the world in which we find ourselves. They are useful, and often necessary, but they are also disposable and replaceable with concepts that are more appropriate to our present circumstances and accumulated life knowledge.

Since the subconscious is the author and keeper of the concepts that construct, and lead us to react to the world, it must also be the agent of change.

The author provides simple methods to observe the subconscious construction and engage with the subconscious in ways that encourage not only greater insight into yourself, but also provide catalysts for the subconscious to change the fundamental concepts that may be limiting your success in the world and in your personal and business relationships. The techniques described trigger deeper understanding of yourself, and a greater insight into the hidden depths, joys and magic of the world in which you live.

Controversial, groundbreaking, and illuminating, Ratziel Bander does not fit into the usual mold of author, teacher and metaphysical coach. His writings have brought to public awareness profound secrets that heretofore were kept hidden by the 'spiritual' elite, while his teaching style is non-traditional, based on unique insight and uncommon experience.

Ratziel has taught in sixteen countries and inspired thousands with his innovative teaching style. The unique methodology, techniques and information he has transmitted have been utilized by people from all walks of life, including royalty, major politicians, industrialists, corporate executives, sports professionals, musicians, actors, dancers, medical professionals, scientists and spiritual seekers.

Entire techniques have been built and marketed based on Ratziel's work. Hospitals and wellness chains in Northern Europe offer his teachings as part of their daily treatments. Chi Gung and Martial Arts masters have utilized his unique instruction and perspective to refine their own schools. Psychologists have incorporated his methods and ideas into their professional practices. Doctors have recommended his work to successfully improve or reverse the cycle of illness and emotional distress in their patients.

His international influence has quietly infiltrated all walks of life, from the exalted to the most humble.

In this book he reveals methods he uses with private clients to help them discover and harness their own inner potential, while positively transforming their outer world, relationships and understanding.


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