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The 2% Rule to Get Debt Free Fast

An Innovative Method To Pay Your Loans Off For Good

Page Street Publishing


In The 2% Rule To Get Debt Free Fast, Alex and Cassie break down the steps that took them from over $100,000 in consumer debt to living a debt-free life in just a few short years.

Alex and Cassie's step-by-step plan is for even the most financially illiterate, and has helped thousands of their followers on their website, TheThriftyCouple.com, get their finances in order.

In this easily digestible guide, they show you how small changes can have a big impact so you can skip the quick fixes and change your life forever. They'll teach you:

. How to pay off your mortgage quickly without draining your budget
. How to create an emergency fund fast while juggling your monthly bills
. What unsecured and secured loans really mean and how much they are costing you
. When you should be paying in cash and when you should use a credit card
. Creative ways to save on everyday expenses
. How to still eat out without breaking the bank

Complete with personal anecdotes, helpful worksheets and money-saving tips and tricks, The 2% Rule To Get Debt Free Fast has everything you need to live a life unencumbered by debt.

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