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How to be a Marketing Genius

Scientific Advertising Revisited and Revitalized for Today

Claude Hopkins was a marketing genius earning $185,000 in 1907 as an employee of an advertising firm. That's equivalent to over $25 million today.
Claude codified his techniques in 1923 in a book called Scientific Advertising.
While this book has been recommended and used by many great marketing minds since Claude's day, his principles remain broadly unknown.
To ensure Claude's techniques and principles are not forgotten, best-selling author and entrepreneur, Tony Melvin, has taken Claude's original work and revitalized it for today. Tony isolated 114 Profitable Laws of Advertising & Marketing providing a clear set of rules that anyone can follow. These Laws spread across 17 categories including:
• 8 Laws for Headlines
• 2 Laws for Call-to-Action
• 13 Laws for Salesmanship
Never before has Claude's work been presented with such clarity, including:
• Uncommon words defined.
• Example ads referenced by Claude.
• Added illustrations to aid understanding.
If you learn and apply these laws, you'll never waste money on ineffective advertising or marketing again. That's a promise!
Born in the UK in 1973, Tony Melvin grew up with a passion for business. He founded his first "enterprise" around the age of 10 years old: a car washing business. His younger sister Catherine and friend Julia were the hired help. Tony was the salesman. Despite the business having only one client and lasting only a single day, he never forgot how easy it was to make money solving people's problems. Since then, Tony has learned the ropes of business and finance from his studies and experience. Over the past 20 years he has travelled Australia and Asia teaching finance and business principles to thousands. As managing director, he helped build the fastest-growing accounting firm in Australia, and during that same period he co-authored three best-selling finance books. While Tony is a successful business man and investor, he considers himself first and foremost an educator. Considered by many an authority on finance matters, Tony is regularly interviewed and quoted in the press. As a result, Tony is a sought-after speaker. Today, Tony is focusing his energy on educating people about the Rich Habits. He believes that everyone can truly prosper with the right knowledge and skills. For more information or to request Tony as a speaker, visit TonyMelvin.com
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