A Guide to Opening Free Standing Safes

Whether for the locksmith wishing to advance into the world of safe opening or for the layman who is curious about the history and workings of old and modern safes this is the book for you. This book will assist you in identifying and opening a huge variety of free standing safes with hundreds of pictures, measurements and drill points for assistance. More importantly it will give you the expertise, knowledge and competence to make money in the exciting and lucrative world of safe opening.
I have been involved in the locksmithing industry since leaving school. My first job during the school holidays was working in a local DIY store doing odd jobs for the six weeks holidays. The first Saturday I was working, an old chap came into the shop who introduced himself as the locksmith. I would sit and watch him, with his glasses on the end of his nose, deep in concentration cutting these keys by hand. I suppose that was it, I was hooked. Eventually I started coming across safes and safe keys on a regular basis and thought this could be another string to my bow, so off I went again thirsty for knowledge in the art of safe opening. Many years later having opened thousands of locks and safes I still get a rush when you actually pick a lock and draw the bolt back.
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