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A Required Engagement Part Two: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

A Required Engagement

Part two of a three part novella series, featuring a clean romance centering around our dear couple, Mr. Darcy and Miss Elizabeth by Nora Kipling.
Mr. Darcy has been accused of the most unnatural of desires, and must find a wife to allay the rumors as soon as possible.
Mr. Darcy has met the Bennet family and their daughters, and has fallen completely, decidedly, in love with Miss Elizabeth Bennet. He has only the small issue of competing for her affections from the buffoonish, boorish Mr. Collins, and the wicked and blackguard Mr. Wickham.
When Elizabeth shows indifference, and even dislike, to both of his competitors however, he sees an opening to her heart that he wishes to take… only for the gravest of news and ultimatums to fall upon both him and the Bennet family. Will his utter happiness be ruined by his father? Will he in turn ruin the complete happiness of his best friend, Mr. Bingley?
Set a few years earlier than the original Pride and Prejudice, this what-if novella variation can be enjoyed by all ages! This is a sweet, clean romance suitable for all lovers of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

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