Heidegger's Black Notebooks

Responses to Anti-Semitism

Andrew J. Mitchell, Peter Trawny

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The 2014 publication of the first three volumes of Martin Heidegger's Black Notebooks sparked international controversy. While Heidegger's engagement with National Socialism was well known, the Black Notebooks showed for the first time that this anti-Semitism was not merely a personal resentment.The notebooks contain not just anti-Semitic remarks but anti-Semitism deeply embedded in the language of his thought. In them, Heidegger tried to assign a philosophical significance to anti-Semitism, with "the Jew¿ or "world Judaism¿ cast as antagonist in his project. How, then, are we to engage with a philosophy that, no matter how significant, seems contaminated by anti-Semitism? This book brings together an international group of scholars from a variety of disciplines to discuss the ramifications of the Black Notebooks for philosophy and the humanities at large.

Andrew J. Mitchell is professor of philosophy at Emory University. He is the author of Heidegger Among the Sculptors: Body, Space, and the Art of Dwelling (2010) and The Fourfold: Reading the Late Heidegger (2015) and the translator of Martin Heidegger's Bremen and Freiburg Lectures: Insight Into That Which Is and Basic Principles of Thinking (2012) and On Hegel's Philosophy of Right: The 1934-35 Seminar and Interpretive Essays (2014). He was the organizer of the first U.S. conference on the Notebooks from which many of these essays are drawn. Peter Trawny teaches at the Bergische University Wuppertal, where he is the director of the Martin-Heidegger-Institute. He is the editor of several volumes of the Martin-Heidegger-Gesamtausgabe, including the Black Notebooks. His English-language publications include Freedom to Fail: Heidegger's Anarchy (2015) and Heidegger and the Myth of a Jewish World Conspiracy (2015), translated by Andrew J. Mitchell.


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