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The Argonauts: A Modern Investigation of the Mythical "Gold Sands"

Dear Reader, I am a naturalist and have never thought of writing a book about historical events. The idea came to my mind perhaps because of the certain knowledge which I happen to have about the ancient culture, art and history, as well as the long time spent exploring gold occurrences in Svaneti region of the Caucasus Mountains, and the archeology, ethnography and history of this unique land that I came to learn in detail in the course thereof. I think that the Antique Era of the Mediterranean was one of the most humane, progressive, democratic and cultured periods of our civilization, which was trying to hide all important pragmatic events in a romantic shroud. From the findings of my scrupulous research, I became sincerely convinced that the voyage of the Argonauts was a real event, transformed into a beautiful and fascinating legend by the romantic nature of the Antiquity. This strong belief of mine, which is not based on romantic feelings however, but rather on the findings of multidisciplinary, fundamental study, I want to share with others and that is why I decided to write and publish this book.
Avtandil Okrostsvaridze graduated from Tbilisi State University. At present he is a professor of geology at Ilia state University, Georgia. His main scientific interests comprise: magmatism of orogenic systems and ore mineralization processes related to them. He has published over seventy articles in refereed scientific journals and five books.
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