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The Phenomena of the Brain

The contemporaries said about the academician Vladimir Bekhterev that about the anatomy of the brain know only two - the God and Bekhterev. He was the first one to invade the human's the holy of holies - into his consciousness. He managed not only to cure from the most serious illnesses, but also manage the people with the help of suggestion and hypnosis. He conducted hundreds of the unique experiments of the hypnosis, after which the people in a magic way were resurrected and got rid of their addictions: alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction. He explained the mystery of illusions and hallucinations - from the signs and stigmas till the wizards and the Ufo (but he believed in life on other planets!). He understood the way the Christ cured the incurable people. He denounced the sectarians, foretellers of «the ends of the world», magicians passing themselves off as clairvoyants. He analyzed why the wars start and how such leaders as Joan of Arc, Mahomet, Peter the Great, Napoleon appear. He investigated the most fantastic phenomena - the thought-transference. He knew what will the people of the future be. And the most surprising discovery of the legendary scientist - is that Bekhterev opened the secret of immortality.
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