The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils

This revised study of the chemistry and pharmacology of aromatherapy oils offers a practical approach to learning the basics of essential oils. Moving step-by-step at the molecular level through 89 scents, this work includes useful diagrams as well as techniques for oil extraction. Discussed are techniques for applying the benefits of aromatherapy to different body-systems including muscles and joints, the respiratory system, and the immune system. An ideal handbook for those interested in aromatherapy as a holistic therapy, this work also provides many tips for how even the most simple applications of aromatherapy can improve one's quality of life.
E. Joy Bowles BSc Hon, has taught the chemistry of essential oils to aromatherapists in Australia and America since 1991. In 2001 Joy developed an on-line course for The Australasian College of Herbal Studies in Oregon, USA. She has also taught at the highly regarded Nature Care College in Sydney and run workshops for the International Federation of Aromatherapists. She co-founded the Aromatherapy Research Group (TARG) in 1997. Joy has a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Education at Griffith University. She has recently been awarded a full scholarship to complete a PhD at Southern Cross University, NSW, where she will conduct research into aromatherapy for aged care.
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  • Contents..Introduction..1. A Scientific View of the Universe. Matter and energy. The Structure of matter. Types of atoms found in essential oils. Bonding. Symbols, formulae and chemical drawings..2. Plants and Essential Oils. Botanic classification. Botanical features. Plants, cells and molecules. How plants make their own food. Essential oils manufacture..3.Terpenes. Physical characteristics of terpenoid molecules. Molecular structure and information. Monoterpenes. Sesquiterpenes..4. Functional Groups. Alcohols. Monoterpenols. Sesquiterpenols. Phenols. Aldehydes. Ketones. Acids and esters. Ethers. Oxides. Lactones. Coumarins. Summary of hazardous and therapeutic properties of functional g
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