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Handbook of LED and SSL Metrology

Rapid developments in LEDs over the past decade have created a major growth market with completely new applications. Full color displays for large areas only became possible with the introduction of high-intensity blue LEDs, while highpower white LEDs are becoming widely used in general lighting and the automotive industry. These applications have placed increasingly stringent demands on the optical characterization of LEDs and Solid-State Lighting devices.
Specific expertise is needed in order to achieve precise and reproducible results. This handbook discusses the special characteristics of LEDs and emerging OLEDs. It provides an overview of state-of-the-art measurement equipment and gives recommendations for obtaining accurate measurement results. The main goal of this handbook is to give readers new to this subject an introduction into LED metrology. However, this handbook is also a useful reference work for more experienced readers.
Dr. Günther Leschhorn received his PhD in Physics during his work with the Max-Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Munich, Germany. He specialized in the field of single molecule spectroscopy and ultra-fast laser interaction.
He was a member of the Munich-Centre of Advanced Photonics, a cluster of excellence of the German Research Foundation and holds a stipend of the International Max-Planck Research School of Advanced Photon Science.
In 2011 he served as a post-doc at the University of Freiburg (Germany) and was heading a group interested in the field of quantum computation.
He joined Instrument Systems as product manager for Spectrometers, Spectroradiometry and Solid-State Lighting in 2012. Today he is head of the product management department of Instrument Systems.
Dr. Richard Young’s interest and contributions to light measurement span over 40 years. Dr. Young was educated in England, where he received a B.A. honours degree and Ph.D. in Chemistry.
In 1983 he moved from academia to industry when joined Glen Creston Ltd. in London. In 1994 he relocated to the USA and joined Optronic Laboratories, Inc. where he was promoted to vice president at the end of 1994.
In 2010 he joined Instrument Systems as Chief Scientist. He is an active member of many CIE technical committees and chairs committees on array spectroradiometers and on spectroradiometry. Richard Young recently retired from his role as Chief Scientist and is now working as a consultant for Instrument Systems.
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