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Don't Let His Baby Face Fool You

The story opens at Chandler High School. The year is 1943 and World War II is raging. Danny Walters is a good looking kid, with bright blue eyes and blond hair. He's tall and slim but his baby face belies his age. His rosy cheeks rarely need to be shaved. Danny hates his look and he hates the fact that while most of his classmates come from affluent families, his is a working class family living in a working class neighborhood that is part of the Chandler school district. Most of Danny's classmates wear expensive clothes and have plenty of spending money. Danny resents their opulence and their lack of compassion for him and his situation.
To compensate, Danny makes up ridiculous stories. He is all bluster and bravado trying to gain acceptance from his peers. As a result, Danny has few friends. His classmates won't include him in their fraternities or social events. Most of the girls refuse to date him. Danny is only 18 years old but using a fake a ID, he goes to a club where he meets an older married woman whose husband is in the Army. The woman seduces Danny and over a period of time, teaches him the subtleties of satisfying women. Their secret affair, which the woman demands never must be revealed, goes on until he leaves for the service. Danny remains true to his promise. That act of fidelity was the most decent thing Danny ever did during his entire life.
Danny graduates in January, 1944 and joins the Navy. After the war, he borrows money from his dad and takes flying lessons and in due course gains a pilot's license. Later, he gets a job as a steward for a major airline while continuing lessons to gain a multi-engine license hoping to become an airline pilot. While attending steward (flight attendant) classes, he and a female student have an affair that reveals the dark side of Danny's true nature.
Danny gets a job as an airline pilot. After returning from a trip and still wearing his uniform, he stops at a high end bar in San Francisco.
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