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Rescued by the Billionaire (BWWM Novella)

Twenty-year-old CC hasn't had an easy life. CC isn't even her real name and she's on the run from an evil husband, hoping he won't find her in New York. So, when she sees him right there on the busy street, she has only one ought. RUN!!!

In attempt to hide out in a nearby building, CC tries to pass herself as a model in a fashion show that's happening on one of the floors. But, when she steps out on the stage, she realizes her mistake. It's not a fashion show, it's some kind of auction and she's up for bid!

Boyd Stanley despite his success in business and his billionaire status, hasn't had much luck in the romance department. His last girlfriend, his fiance, cheated on him, making him hesitant to date again. But, the stresses of the job, coupled with loniless, made him agree to check out a new kind of dating service, where potential candidates are auditioned before a select group of wealthy men, and then the men bid on the young woman, for the right to start dating her first.

It all seemed like a good idea during the sales pitch, but now that he's been witnessing what's really going on, he's more disgusted than interested in the women they've brought onto the stage. It's like being at a strip club, each candidate trying to out-sexy the last one. And the more he sees how the men in the room are treating the young women, like they are chattel, the more he wants to walk away… even if it means forfeiting the agregious non-refundable fee.

He's about to get up and walk and chalk the whole experience to yet another reason he should give up on love, when SHE stumbles onto the stage, and suddenly he's glued to his seat.

She's different than the others. Vulnerable. Frightened.

Boyd Stanley knows what he must do.

He must win the bidding, no matter the cost, because the idea that any of the terrible men in the room might lay a hand on her beautiful skin isn't going to happen.

One word fills his mind as he raises his bidding card.




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Rescued by the Billionaire (BWWM Novella)

Rescued by the Billionaire (BWWM Novella)

von Mia Caldwell
Projekt Cinderella - Bloß nicht verlieben!

Projekt Cinderella - Bloß nicht verlieben!

von Amelie Winter



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