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3 Navy SEALS To Protect The Ladies

3 Book Box Set: Clean Navy Seal Military Romance (Navy Seals to Protect the Ladies)

Book 1

A Navy SEAL To Protect The Pianist

Lucy is the successful daughter of a millionaire businessman, being a famous pianist and giving concerts almost every night. But a serial killer is hunting the area of the concert hall. Lucy needs protection.

Oliver, an ex-Navy Seal, has been hired by Lucy's father to protect her 24/7.  The police seems to be clueless in finding the killer.

Oliver is falling for Lucy but does not believe she would be interested in an ex-Navy Seal. Can his Love reach her heart? And can Oliver protect Lucy from the serial killer who seems to choose only young women as his victims?

Book 2

A Navy SEAL To Protect The Attorney

Violetta is a leading prosecuting attorney in the state of Indiana. When she gets tangled up too much with the crimes of the underworld her brother gets killed as a warning. Violetta needs protection.

Scott, an ex-Navy Seal, works undercover for the FBI and when he realizes the danger Violetta is in he is trying to protect her.  Scott is falling for Violetta, but she is too wrapped up in finding her brother's killer to let herself fall in love, first.

Will Violetta be able to find her brother's killer?

Will Scott be able to protect her from becoming a victim herself?

Can his Love reach her heart?

Book 3

A Navy SEAL To Protect His LOVE

Ambition, Desire, Zeal, Determination and Yearning – Joleen Robyn had them all.  She would go to any length to achieve her desires and reach her goals – even by doing away with the man who loves her very much – Detective Allan Burke, ex-Navy Officer.

Allan Burke is disheartened by the way Joleen behaves as she gets involved with Humphrey Mc Damon notorious drug kingpin. But Humphrey shows Joleen the world she craves for and she falls hook, line and sinker only to find herself facing worse issues, even possible death.

Will Allan Burke come to the rescue of his love? Will Joleen turn to Allan?

All Summer Love's  stories are clean Military Romances.

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