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Luxury Nights with Kimmy: The Entire Kimmy and Luxury Nights Series (Kimmy's Lover)

The entire Kimmy Story and the Entire Luxury Nights Series in one box set. 14 Sexy Hot Stories!

A beautiful and headstrong Texas girl is the fantasy and desire of men everywhere. But a long time friend and soul mate is willing to do anything to be with her.

Book 1-- "Kimmy is a Bad Girl"

The Prequel. A beautiful high school senior becomes the instant obsession of her hunky gym teacher.

Kim Augustus was an awkward young girl who didn't know where she fit in. Tad Stephens was a rugged, handsome young football coach who saw her pristine beauty in full flower one day near  her family's pool.

His instant desires  for his forbidden young beauty threatens to risk his entire career and community standing. How far will he go to be with her?  Will Kim give in and make him her first lover?

Book 2--"Wanting Kimmy"

A sheltered young woman transforms from wallflower to fantastic beauty and meets a handsome, successful, and kind Attorney who will do anything to have her.

Book 3--"Seducing Kimmy"

Kim "Kimmy" Augustus was a wallflower who became the desire of men everywhere as she entered womanhood. Inside, the spoiled daddy's girl from old money Houston longed for both independence and real love.

Book 4--"Taming Kimmy"

Beautiful Kim Augustus tried to escape the pain of love gone bad by running off with a gorgeous war hero who adored her.  But the dull, lonely existence of a military wife has her fantasizing for the touch of hot young neighbor.  Her close friend's step son.

Book 5--"Taking Kimmy"

Kim Augustus was making big money and enjoying the exciting pleasure of her young, football stud boyfriend. But for reasons she couldn't fully understand, she still held feelings for a man in her past. A man who at one point would have moved the earth to be with her.

Book 6--"Dominating Kimmy"

Beautiful Kim Augustus thought she made a clean break from the sadness and stress of her former life. She had money, freedom, and a new rich boyfriend.

But the brilliant, troubled Matt Anderson was the one she couldn't forget.

The Luxury Nights Series

Book 1--
Lorelei is a rare beauty who is unlucky in love. Instead of dating her many male admirers, she spends her nights in her small apartment talking to her cat.

Book 2--
Cassidy Moone was overworked, underpaid and trapped in life. Until the moment she laid on eyes on gorgeous military hunk Patrick Brisco. 

Book 3--
Jacqueline Oster was hot for her gorgeous young Economics Professor Peter Brodsky. She knew it wasn't right, but she had to be near him. Wearing a small revealing outfit she went to his office.

What happened next changed her life. A beautiful but inexperienced coed experiencing the excitement of becoming  a hot, sexy woman.

Book 4--
Teanna Yardiere was blessed with the beauty of Halle Berry and talent most would only dream of.

Book 5--
Kelly Langford was the most beautiful upscale companion at "Luxury Nights" Southern California. But as she entered her mid-twenties, she began to feel threatened by the younger new girls. 

Book 6--
Maddy Terrell was ready to give up her addiction to partying and bad boys for something more stable. Tom was a cute and nice guy with a bright future who wasn't making her feel anything on their dates. 

Book 7-- Cassara Chatman was willing to do whatever it took to help family members in need.

Book 8-- Jodi Appling was a beautiful college gymnast with big dreams. 


Rebecca Lee is a former swimsuit model, and now a successful dating coach for men.

She is one of Author John Handy's Attraction Masters and is the author of the Forbidden Attraction Secrets for Men series. Her motto for men having success with her or any other woman they desire: "When we're face to face, if you are bold, fearless, and seek what you want, trust me you have us. Everytime."

"A Slave to the Fantasy" is her first fiction series.

Rebecca is single and lives in Southern California with her cat  and her beagle.

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