The End of Death

The Deeper Teachings of A Course in Miracles

We don't trust God. We may think we do! But when we dare to look deeply into our own unconscious mind, we'll be shocked to learn what we really believe about God-and thus, about Self and world.

The End of Death - Volume One: The Development of Trust is a clear and uncompromising beacon that illuminates our current predicament, as well as the steps required in our journey home to God.

Using A Course in Miracles as its treasure map, The End of Death carves a brilliantly clear and insightful path straight toward the treasure of Christed awareness. With startlingly lucid explanations, Nouk pares the Course's true message down to its most powerful essence. And the many Course quotes she includes offer undeniable proof of the argument she makes: That Jesus asks every one of us to embody full Christed awareness -- right here, right now, while still in a body -- just as He did.

Included with this book: Powerful additional support in the form of diagrams, exercises, prayers and guided audio meditations downloadable from the End of Death website.

"I cannot express the profound gratitude I feel for this book. Jeshua [guided me to] this quote from Paul Tuttle's book Graduation: The End of Illusions:'There are five major books of the modern world which address the divinity of man and facilitate his realization of Reality-his Awakening. The first is Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy. The second is The Urantia Book. The third is A Course In Miracles. The fourth is Graduation: The End of Illusions. And the fifth is yet to appear.' Nouk, The End of Death is number 5!" ~ John Mark Stroud, founder of One Who Wakes

"The End of Death is a powerful testimony of Nouk Sanchez' own miraculous shift from confusion and grief to aliveness, joy and certainty as she began to truly live the principles of A Course in Miracles. She invites the reader to take the teachings of Jesus literally-and take them for a test drive. This is a must-read for anyone who is ready to get off the merry-go-round of [endless] seeking. It is for anyone who thinks awakening is just around the corner. It's not around the corner ... it's now." ~ Lisa Natoli, author of Gorgeous for God; founder of Teachers of God

"Forgiveness is to be lived and experienced, far beyond theology or intellectual understanding. In The End of Death, Nouk takes [us on] the authentic inward journey into the Living experience of Christ." ~ David Hoffmeister, founder of Foundation of Awakening Mind

"Even after 30 years as a Course student and teacher, after reading The End of Death I have experienced many new shifts in consciousness. [This is} an inspirational, enlightening and life-changing experience. My gratitude overflows!" ~ Rev. Myron Jones, author of Hey, Holy Spirit, It's Me Again

"I sense such a thirst in the ACIM community to move from head to heart, and from intellect alone to Higher Mind. [As Jeshua teaches] 'ONLY in the midst of the dream you made-including the body -can you truly realize Christ.' The End of Death will help many to do just that." ~ Jayem, channel for The Way of Mastery series: Teachings from Jeshua

"Grounded in her own experience and a solid grasp of Course metaphysics, Nouk lays out a well-lit path for us to [follow]. The End of Death is a wonderful invitation to heal at the deepest levels of the psyche." ~ Kenneth Bok, founder of ACIM Explained
After twenty years of studying and living A Course in Miracles, Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira reached a particularly miraculous state of Holy union. Through their divine commitment to undo the ego's version of "special" love, they discovered a Love that could never be threatened by anyone or anything - not even death.
In 2009 Tomas was diagnosed with cancer and he passed in December of 2010. During her darkest night of the soul in January 2011 (sparked by Tomas' passing), Nouk experienced a revelation that profoundly shifted her perception. Since then she has received a series of divine transmissions that joyfully reveal Jesus' deeper message in the Course. These transmissions form the basis of The End of Death book(s).
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