Lizard Ecology

Historical and Experimental Perspectives

Princeton University Press Band 290

Laurie J. Pianka, Eric R. Vitt

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In a collection rich in implications for all fields of ecology, leading lizard ecologists demonstrate the utility of the phylogenetic approach in understanding the evolution of morphology, physiology, behavior, and life histories. Lizards, which are valued for their amenability to field experiments, have been the subject of reciprocal transplant experiments and of manipulations of resource availability, habitat structure, population density, and entire sections of food webs. Such experiments are rapidly rebuilding ecological theories as they apply to all organisms. As a demonstration of state-of-the-art historical and experimental research and as a call for philosophical engagement, this volume will join its predecessors--Lizard Ecology: A Symposium (Missouri, 1967) and Lizard Ecology: Studies of a Model Organism (Harvard, 1983)--in directing ecological research for years to come.

Lizard Ecology contains essays on reproductive ecology (Arthur E. Dunham, Lin Schwarzkopf, Peter H. Niewiarowski, Karen Overall, and Barry Sinervo), behavioral ecology (A. Stanley Rand, William E. Cooper, Jr., Emülia P. Martins, Craig Guyer, and C. Michael Bull), evolutionary ecology (Raymond B. Huey, Jean Clobert et al., Donald B. Miles, and Theodore Garland, Jr.), and population and community ecology (Ted Case, Robin M. Andrews and S. Joseph Wright, Craig D. James, and Jonathan B. Losos).

Originally published in 1994.

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Erscheinungsdatum 14.07.2014
Herausgeber Laurie J. Vitt, Eric R. Pianka
Verlag University Presses
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ISBN 978-0-691-60196-0

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  • Contributors Measuring Trade-offs: A Review of Studies of Costs of Reproduction in Lizards 2Understanding Geographic Life-History Variation in Lizards 3Lizard Egg Environments 4Experimental Tests of Reproductive Allocation Paradigms 5Prey Chemical Discrimination, Foraging Mode, and Phylogeny 6Phylogenetic Perspectives on the Evolution of Lizard Territoriality 7Mate Limitation in Male Norops humilis 8Population Dynamics and Pair Fidelity in Sleepy Lizards 9Determinants of Dispersal Behavior: The Common Lizard as a Case Study 10Covariation between Morphology and Locomotory Performance in Sceloporine Lizards 11Phylogenetic Analyses of Lizard Endurance Capacity in Relation to Body Size and Body Temperature 12Long-Term Population Fluctuations of a Tropical Lizard: A Test of Causality 13Spatial and Temporal Variation in Structure of a Diverse Lizard Assemblage in Arid Australia 14Historical Contingency and Lizard Community Ecology References Author Index Species Index