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Should women see a relationship between patriarchal oppression and the destruction of Nature in the name of profit and progress? How can they counter the violence inherent in these processes? Should they look to a link between the women's movement and other social movements? Maria Miles and Vandana Shiva offer us a thought-provoking analysis of these and many other issues from a unique North-South perspective. *Also appeared in February Buyer's Notes*
Maria Mies is a Marxist feminist scholar who is renowned for her theory of capitalist-patriarchy, which recognizes third world women and difference. She is a professor of sociology at Cologne University of Applied Sciences, but retired from teaching in 1993. Since the late 1960s she has been involved with feminist activism. In 1979, at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, she founded the Women and Development programme. Mies has written books and articles that deal with topics relating to feminism, third world issues and the environment. Her other titles published by Zed Books include The Lace Makers of Narsapur (1982), Women: The Last Colony (1988), Patriarchy and Accumulation on a World Scale (1999) and The Subsistence Perspective (1999). Vandana Shiva, a world-renowned environmental leader and thinker, is director of the Research Foundation on Science, Technology, and Ecology. In 1993 Shiva won the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize and in 2010 was awarded the Sydney Peace Prize for her commitment to social justice. She is the author of over twenty books. Her other titles published by Zed Books are Staying Alive (1989), The Violence of the Green Revolution (1991), Biodiversity (1992), Monocultures of the Mind (1993), Biopolitics (1995), Stolen Harvest (2001), Protect or Plunder (2001), Earth Democracy (2005) and Soil Not Oil (2009).
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  • Foreword by Ariel Salleh Preface to the 'Critique Influence Change' edition 1. Introduction: Why We Wrote This Book Together Part 1: Critique and Perspective 2. Reductionism and Regeneration: A Crisis in Science, Vandana Shiva 3. Feminist Research: Science, Violence and Responsibility, Maria Mies Part 2: Subsistence V. Development 4. The Myth of Catching-up Development, Maria Mies 5. the Impoverishment of the environment: Women and Children Last, Vandana Shiva 6. Who Made nature our Enemy?, Maria Mies Part 3: The Search for Roots 7. Homeless in the 'Global Village', Vandana Shiva 8. Masculinization of the Motherland, Vandana Shiva 9. Women have no Fatherland, Maria Mies 10. White man's dilemma: His Search for What He has Destroyed, Maria Mies Part 4: Ecofeminism V. New Areas of Investment through Biotechnology 11. Women's Indigenous Knowledge and Biodiversity Conservation, Vandana Shiva 12. New Reproductive Technologies: Sexist and Racist Implications, Maria Mies 13. From the Individual to the Dividual: the Supermarket of 'Reproductive alternatives' Maria Mies Part 5: Freedom for Trade or Freedom for Survival 14. Self Determination: The End of a Utopia? Maria Mies 15. GATT, Agriculture and Third World Women, Vandana Shiva 16. The Chipko Women's concept of Freedom, Vandana, Shiva
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