The Life and Works of Gottlieb Muffat (1690-1770)

Part I: A Documentary Biography. Part II: Catalogue of Works and Sources

Gottlieb Muffat (1690-1770) has been heralded as one of the first composers of keyboard music to display 'distinctly Austrian traits'. In light of both the extent and quality of his oeuvre, he was undoubtedly the single most important composer of keyboard music in Vienna in the first half of the eighteenth century. A prodigious child, he performed for the Emperor when he was around ten years old and his formative years were shaped by two of the most renowned composers of the period: his father Georg and Johann Joseph Fux. Muffat served as organist at the Viennese imperial court for over half a century and was responsible for teaching several members of the imperial family. This book explores both his career and quotidian existence and presents much hitherto unknown information about other members of this musical family. A thematic catalogue, which includes descriptions of all known manuscript sources of his music, comprises the second part of this study and serves to highlight the significance of his output and the reception and transmission of his work.

ALISON J. DUNLOP PhD MA BA (1985-2013) studied Music and Modern Greek at Queen's University Belfast. She began working at the Don Juan Archiv Wien in 2011 and was also a freelance musicologist and translator. She published articles on various aspects of early keyboard music and source studies. Her latest research project focused on musical life at the Viennese imperial court in the eighteenth century.
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  • Contents Part I: A Documentary Biography
    Preface Acknowledgements Abbreviations
    Muffat family genealogy Biographical sources The father: Georg Muffat Gottlieb Muffat Gottlieb Muffat's children Gottlieb Muffat's siblings Posterity
    Cultivation of keyboard music in Vienna Compositional output Reception and transmission of works Sources Discussion of individual sources Conclusion
    Part II: Catalogue of Works and Sources
    Thematic Catalogue
    Abbreviations Notes on usage Works printed during Gottlieb Muffat's lifetime (A) Keyboard partitas (B) Anonymous partitas of uncertain authorship (App B) Other keyboard works (C) Chamber works (D) Works in the archive of the Berlin Sing-Akademie by Georg Muffat Index of works arranged by genre and key
    Musical Sources
    Notes on usage Index of sources and works Source descriptions Index of copyists Index of provenance
    Bibliography Index of musical sources Index of names
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