Hitler's Priestess

Savitri Devi, the Hindu-Aryan Myth, and Neo-Nazism

Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke

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Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke reveals the powerful impact of one of fascism's most creative minds, Savitri Devi, whose eccentric ideology, combining Aryan supremacism and anti-Semitism with Hinduism, social Darwinism, and a fundamentally biocentric view of life, has caused her to be lionized by the fringe radical right as a foremother of Nazi ideology and a heroine of neo-Nazi sects since the mid-1960s.

Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke is the author of several books on ideology and the Western esoteric tradition, including Hitler's Priestess and Occult Roots of Nazism, which has remained in print since its publication in 1985 and has been translated into eight languages.

"[A] superb study... Goodrick-Clarke has done a service to sanity, even if the gullible will go on swallowing [Devi's] recycled poison rather than his antidote." --Times Literary Supplement "An excellent, thought-provoking volume... We may readily accept that Devi was a revolting creature. But it is as well that we realise that such demons in human form existed and still do exist." --Independent "An admirably cool-headed history of an inflammatory subject... It is likely to stand as the definitive study of a subject that a lesser author would have exploited for maximum sensationalism." --Gnosis "An engrossing, disturbing, and important book. Well-researched and evocatively told, the strange story of Savitri Devi is a mirror of the twentieth century's dark undercurrents and deserves to be widely read and pondered." --Robert S. Ellwood, University of Southern California "[A] provoking volume." --Bulletin of the Arnold and Leona Finkler Institute of Holocaust Research, No. 10


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Verlag New York University Press
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