The Woman Who Died a Lot

Thursday Next Book 7

The seventh book in the phenomenally successful Thursday Next series by Number One bestselling author Jasper Fforde.

'Fans of the late Douglas Adams, or, even, Monty Python, will feel at home with Fforde' - Herald

The BookWorld's leading enforcement officer Thursday Next is four months into an enforced semi-retirement following an assassination attempt. She returns home to Swindon for what you'd expect to be a time of recuperation. If only life were that simple.

Thursday is faced with an array of family problems - son Friday's lack of focus since his career in the Chronoguard was relegated to a might-have-been, daughter Tuesday's difficulty perfecting the Anti-Smote shield needed to thwart an angry Deity's promise to wipe Swindon off the face of the earth, and Jenny, who doesn't exist. And that's not all.

With Goliath attempting to replace Thursday at every opportunity with synthetic Thursdays, the prediction that Friday's Destiny-Aware colleagues will die in mysterious circumstances, and a looming meteorite that could destroy all human life on earth, Thursday's retirement is going to be anything but easy . . .

Jasper Fforde ist Waliser (daher das markante doppelte ff!) und wurde 1961 geboren. Seine Romane schrieb er 14 Jahre lang neben seiner Arbeit als Kameramann bei verschiedenen Filmproduktionen.
Praise for Jasper Fforde -- : 'Reading a Fforde novel feels like taking off on a magic carpet, only to be picked up by another and another and taken on new flights of fantasy ... When the plot is thundering along, peppered with jokes, lively dialogue and silly names ... you just sit back and enjoy the ride.' -- Scotsman 'Jam packed with ingeniously witty ideas' -- SFX.co.uk A riot of puns, in-jokes and literary allusions that Fforde carries off with aplomb -- Daily Mail 'Fans of the late Douglas Adams, or, even, Monty Python, will feel at home with Fforde' -- Herald 'Forget all the rules of time, space and reality; just sit back and enjoy the adventure.' -- Sunday Telegraph 'Any worries that by now the Thursday Next series would have settled into a rut prove groundless here, as Jasper Fforde delivers another swerveball ... It's the usual mix of fiendishly clever plotting and exquisitely executed comedy setpieces' **** -- SFX As always, Fforde delivers a winner - immensely entertaining and easy to read. The characters are well rounded, and the dialogue snappy, amusing and filled with the usual plays on words and general silliness ... If you've not experienced Fforde's unique humour before, then check the Thursday Next series out. -- The British Fantasy Society This is truly wacky, laugh-out-loud, literary-laced stuff. He is very clever. -- The Bookseller I love Jasper Fforde's novels but have to admit that reviewing them is hard work - how to explain his complicated alternative universe without revealing too much of the plot and at the same time encouraging readers to plunge in and just enjoy the ride? All I can say is - I hope you enjoy this as much as I did and that it encourages you to read the others - you won't be disappointed -- Euro Crime Hugely funny and gloriously imaginative -- Daily Express
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Next is back!

Martin Berger, Thalia-Buchhandlung Wien

Thursday Next has seen better times. Being nearly assassinated, she is still recovering from her injuries, her time as an SO-officer seems at an end. Now she becomes head of the Wessex Library Service. But for Thursday, being a librarian is no simple job at the office. Enjoy her latest adventure, one week with more trouble than you could imagine. (See also, Fforde, The Eyre Affair)


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