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Async in C# 5.0

Unleash the Power of Async

If you’re writing one of several applications that call for asynchronous programming, this concise hands-on guide shows you how the async feature in C# 5.0 can make the process much simpler. Along with a clear introduction to asynchronous programming, you get an in-depth look at how the async feature works and why you might want to use it in your application.

Written for experienced C# programmers—yet approachable for beginners—this book is packed with code examples that you can extend for your own projects.
* Write your own asynchronous code, and learn how async saves you from this messy chore
* Discover new performance possibilities in ASP.NET web server code
* Explore how async and WinRT work together in Windows 8 applications
* Learn the importance of the await keyword in async methods
* Understand which .NET thread is running your code—and at what points in the program
* Use the Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP) to write asynchronous APIs in .NET
* Take advantage of parallel computing in modern machines
* Measure async code performance by comparing it with alternatives

Alex is a coder, blogger and concurrency enthusiast from England. He currently works as a developer and product owner at Red Gate, working on tools for .NET developers. Before that, he did a degree in computer science at Cambridge University, and still has theoretical CS in his blood. In his spare time he writes an open source Actors framework for .NET, to let people write parallel programs more easily.

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