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The H Factor of Personality: Why Some People Are Manipulative, Self-Entitled, Materialistic, and Exploitivea and Why It Matters for Everyone

Kibeom Lee, Michael C. Ashton

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Psychologists have identified six basic dimensions of personality. The most recently discovered is the H factor, representing Honesty and Humility. The authors recount how they found this factor, how it influences various aspects of our lives, and why it matters for individuals and for society.

Kibeom Lee is a professor of psychology at the University of Calgary. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, he received his Ph.D. from the University of Western Ontario and was formerly a lecturer at the University of Western Australia. He is the author of many scientific articles in personality and industrial/organizational psychology.


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  • Table of Contents for The H Factor of Personality: Why Some People are Manipulative, Self-Entitled, Materialistic, and Exploitve-And Why It Matters for Everyone by Kibeom Lee and Michael C. Ashton

    List of Boxes


    1 Meet the H Factor

    2 The Missing Link of Personality Psychology

    The "Big Five" Personality Factors

    Six Personality Factors

    3 HEXACO: The Six Dimensions of Personality

    Engagement and Endeavour: Openness to Experience (O), Conscientiousness (C), and Extraversion (X)

    Altruism versus Antagonism: Honesty-Humility (H), Agreeableness (A), and Emotionality (E)

    4 A Field Guide to Low-H People

    Low H, Low E: Greed without Fear-or Pity

    Low H, High E: Weaseling and Whining

    Low H, High X: Narcissism Run Wild

    Low H, Low X: The Smug Silent Types

    Low H, Low A: Just Plain Nasty

    Low H, High A: Inoffensive but Insincere

    Low H, Low C: An Employer's Worst Nightmare

    Low H, High C: Selfish Ambition

    Low H, Low O: Shallow and Narrow

    Low H, High O: Sophisticated Snobbery

    5 Can You Tell Someone's Level of H?

    Personality in Strangers

    Self-Reports of H: Are They Honest?

    Knowing Someone's Personality: H Is Among the Last Things You Learn

    H in the Workplace: Hard to Tell

    6 Do High-H People Flock Together?

    Similarity Beyond Personality

    Similarity-and Perceived Similarity-in Friends

    Personality, Values, and Relationships

    7 Politics

    Right-Wing Authoritarianism (RWA) and Social Dominance Orientation (SDO)

    O and Right-Wing Authoritarianism

    H and Social Dominance Orientation

    Personality and Political Party Support

    8 Religion

    Personality and Religious Beliefs

    Traditional Religion versus Mystical Spirituality: The Role of O

    Reasons for Religious Observance: The Role of H

    Do Religions Promote High H?

    9 Money, Power, and Sex




    10 How to Identify Low-H People-and How to Live Around Them

    Not-So-Valid Signs of High H

    Respectability / Anti-conformity / Religious Piety / Championing the Underdog / Blunt Criticism / Publicly Displayed Generosity

    Valid Signs of Low H

    Beating the System / Instrumental Ingratiation / Gambling and Financial Speculation / Sexual Infidelity / Conspicuous Consumption (and Name Dropping) / "Above the Law" Mentality / Contempt of Other Groups

    Living Around Low-H People

    Epilogue: On Becoming a High-H Person

    Appendix: The HEXACO Personality Inventory-Revised

    HEXACO Personality Inventory-Revised (Self-Report Form)

    HEXACO Personality Inventory-Revised (Observer Report Form)

    HEXACO-PI-R Scoring and Interpretation