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Internal Family Systems Therapy

New Dimensions

Internal family systems therapy, or IFS, is widely recognized as one of the most compassionate and comprehensive psychotherapies available. Its non-pathologizing approaches to behavior, consciousness, and personality have been adopted by clinicians around the world, but with the exception of Richard Schwartz s foundational introductory text, few texts give clinicians the information they need on adapting the IFS framework to patients complex and diverse needs and circumstances. "Internal Family Systems Therapy "changes that. The chapters focus on topics common in therapists practice, and each provides both a refreshing approach to sometimes-thorny issues, and clear, practical guidance for how best to explore them in treatment. For any practitioner interested in learning about this vital, vibrant form of therapy, "Internal Family Systems Therapy "is the perfect introduction. For clinicians already part of the IFS community, this book is bound to become one of the most essential tools in their toolbox.


Martha Sweezy, PhD, is the associate director and director of training for the dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) program at the Cambridge Health Alliance, a lecturer on psychiatry at Cambridge Health Alliance, Harvard Medical School, and assists at IFS trainings. She is the author of two articles on IFS, Treating Trauma After Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in the Journal of Psychotherapy Integration (2011, Vol. 21, No. 1, 90-102) and The Teenager's Confession: Regulating Shame in Internal Family Systems Therapy in the American Journal of Psychotherapy (2011, Vol. 65, Issue 2, 179-188). She has a therapy and consultation practice in Northampton, Massachusetts. Ellen L. Ziskind, LICSW, has been affiliated with Harvard Medical School at Cambridge Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Institute for Psychotherapy and Two Brattle Center, leading staff groups and doing group consultation. Currently she is on the faculty at Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy. IFS is an integral part of her work with individuals, couples and groups. She has a private practice in Brookline, Massachusetts.

"This thoughtful and readable volume addresses the questions that enter most clinicians' minds when first encountering Internal Family Systems: "How will IFS work for me in encountering the kinds of populations and issues I face every day in my practice?" Full of actual case illustrations, Internal Family Systems Therapy brings this new, exciting form of treatment into the therapy room in a way that is substantive, alive, relevant, and exciting." -Terrence Real, author of I Don't Want to Talk About It and The New Rules of Marriage "IFS is a profound and truly innovative treatment method that is based on self-leadership rather than prescriptions from outside. Psychological problems have their origins in attempts to protect a person's fundamental integrity. We all have angry, depressed, confused and seductive parts that started off as ways to cope with life's challenges. Rather than trying to banish them IFS helps us welcome our parts and enlist them to release the burdens we carry from our past. Sweezy and Ziskind's book on IFS is filled with wise and practical chapters from experienced IFS practitioners and teachers to guide clients and therapists alike with the work of healing. I highly recommend it". -Bessel van der Kolk, MD, professor of psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine, and author of Traumatic Stress "As a mindfulness-based treatment, IFS is inherently compassionate, gentle, and respectful, allowing therapist and client access to places of deep healing and self-connection. This book beautifully illustrates the power of IFS therapy to reframe many common clinical challenges as internal struggles between parts of us and to open up new possibilities for resolution." - Janina Fisher, PhD, coauthor of the forthcoming book, The Body as a Resource
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