My Phantoms

Gwendoline Riley

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Helen Grant is a mystery to her daughter. An extrovert with few friends who has sought intimacy in the wrong places; a twice-divorced mother-of-two now living alone surrounded by her memories, Helen (known to her acquaintances as 'Hen') has always haunted Bridget.

Now, Bridget is an academic in her forties. She sees Helen once a year, and considers the problem to be contained. As she looks back on their tumultuous relationship - the performances and small deceptions - she tries to reckon with the cruelties inflicted on both sides. But when Helen makes it clear that she wants more, it seems an old struggle will have to be replayed.

From the prize-winning author of First Love, My Phantoms is a bold, heart-stopping portrayal of a failed familial bond, which brings humour, subtlety and new life to the difficult terrain of mothers and daughters.

Gwendoline Riley, geboren 1979, lebt in Manchester. Ihr erster Roman Cold Water sorgte in England für euphorische Kritiken und wurde mit dem Betty Trask Award 2002 ausgezeichnet - 2001 ging dieser Preis für das beste Debüt des Jahres an Zadie Smith.


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Sprecher Helen Mcalpine
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Erscheinungsdatum 01.04.2021
Verlag Granta Books
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