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The Secret Key: Business Model Innovation for Established Companies

Josef Baker-Brunnbauer

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This book addresses the increasing influence of digitalization on business model innovation (BMI) for established companies and is based on a research work. It is a general trend to speak about digitalization and many established companies are digitizing processes and focusing on automation. The awareness and the prioritization of the digitalization influence on BMI is often low due to an already successful current business model or to higher prioritized short-term tasks. This book is aiming to overcome those barriers with the results of a fundamental literature and empirical research to answer the question: What are the current triggers, challenges and success patterns for business model innovation in established companies?

Therefore, three main aspects (the triggers, the challenges and the success patterns of BMI) for established companies were analyzed. The fundamental literature research based on academic literature and research papers identified different understanding of the definition’s digitalization and business model innovation. Further literature research shows BMI methods and settings. The first part of the empirical research analyzed the current state and influences on BMI via an online survey. The second part generated deeper insights of the BMI processes of established companies. Therefore, experts have been interviewed about their current BMI process status, challenges and how they solved them.


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