Fly, Butterfly

Annicken R. Day

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A Personal and Professional Metamorphosis Story

Maya Williams is an ambitious, hardworking, New York businesswoman, stymied on her way up the corporate ladder by sexist, male executives. When sent to the Hawaiian island Kaua'i to speak at a conference, she finds herself having to make a choice that may jeopardize her entire career.

On Kaua'i, Maya experiences the chill island life for the first time, and as she meets the people who open her eyes to different ways of thinking and being, she begins to see life, work, love-and herself-in a whole new light.

When Maya returns to the corporate world, as an executive, can she implement her new philosophies and still succeed? And will her personal and professional metamorphosis ultimately bring her the happiness and freedom she dreams of?

Annicken R. Day is the founder and CEO of Corporate Spring, co-author of the book Creative Superpowers, a public speaker, and an executive advisor. Fly, Butterfly is her first novel.

As a young girl growing up in Norway, Annicken R. Day fell in love with old Hollywood movies, especially the musical South Pacific from 1958. When she visited the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i thirty years later, she learned by coincidence that South Pacific had been filmed there and that the mystical island of Bali Ha'i indeed existed. That was when the idea for the story about Maya Williams first came to her, a story inspired by Annicken's own life and experiences, and by people-and butterflies-she has met on her journey.

After fifteen years as a leader and executive in the IT industry, Annicken jumped off the corporate treadmill in 2012 to start her own company, Corporate Spring, with a mission to make the corporate world a happier place. Since then she and her team have helped and trained thousands of leaders around the world on how to build thriving corporate cultures, high performing teams, and successful businesses.

Annicken is the founder and CEO of Corporate Spring, co-author of the book Creative Superpowers, public speaker, executive advisor, and a passionate maverick for new ways of thinking, working, and leading in the new world of work.

Annicken spends the majority of her time between Oslo, London, and Los Angeles, where also her singer-songwriter daughter Matilde Redbridge lives.

Fly, Butterfly is Annicken R. Day's first novel.


Einband Taschenbuch
Seitenzahl 340
Erscheinungsdatum 07.10.2019
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-63299-212-3
Verlag River Grove Books
Maße (L/B/H) 22,9/15,2/1,9 cm
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