Emerging Market Multinationals and Europe

Challenges and Strategies

Recently, there have been public concerns about the impact of emerging market multinationals. The expansion of China's multinationals to Europe and the Belt and Road Initiative is a prominent example that has kindled hope but also started to increase awareness of the long-term implications. Based on a systematic analysis of internationalization theories, the role of foreign direct investment and multinational companies combined with in-depth empirical research using case studies in Turkey, Russia, Latin America, Asia and Europe, this timely edited volume addresses opportunities and concerns related to this new trend. It also provides new insights that are highly relevant for scholars, policy makers, regional business agencies and students, as well as the public at large. By focusing on the (potential) impact of the expansion of emerging market multinationals on Europe and by including a long-term perspective, the book offers a fresh perspective on a highly controversial issue.


Andreas Breinbauer is Head of the FH Supervisory Council and director of the bachelor and master degree programmes ‘Logistics and Transport Management’ at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna, as well as member of the Austrian Association of the Austrian UAS (FHK), where he also heads the new committee ‘Teaching’. His research interests are: logistics, supply chain management, transport, infrastructure, investment conditions and location research (inter alia Belt and Road Initiative), mobility of highly qualified people (especially in Central and Eastern Europe / Black Sea Region, Asia) as well as university didactics and other questions of universities of applied sciences (UAS). He is a reviewer for numerous international and national scientific journals and jury member for various research funding agencies.

Louis Brennan
 is a Fellow of Trinity College and Professor in Business Studies at the Trinity Business School. His research interest relate to Global Business Systems encompassing Global Operations and Supply Chain Management, Technology Management, International Business and the Business of Space. He has over 200 refereed publications in those areas including some 50 in ABS ranked journals and six books published by leading international publishers. In addition to publishing in his core areas of expertise, Louis has published in the fields of Economics, Geography, International Relations, Law and Political Science. He has led a number of high level global initiatives including those related to the SKA project, Emerging Multinationals and the development of a global accreditation standard for programmes in Purchasing and Supply Management. Louis is a frequent contributor to the global discourse offering perspectives on many facets of globalisation including the emergence of China and its firms, global corporations, global value chains and foreign direct investment.

Johannes Jäger is Professor and Economics coordinator at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna. His research interests focus on critical international political economy, global finance, regional development, European integration and Latin America. He edited one of his latest books together with Elisabeth Springler on ‘Asymmetric Crisis in Europe and Possible Futures’ (Routledge 2015).

Andreas G.M. Nachbagauer is Professor, Business Administration & Management Coordinator and Deputy Head of Studies (Project Management Degree Programmes) at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna. His teaching and research interests are related to strategic management, organization studies, HRM and work and society in transition. Before joining the UAS BFI Vienna he was Assistant Professor at the Institute of Personnel Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business, and worked as independent social researcher. His publications include ‘Human Resource Management in Projektorientierten Organisationen’ (coedited with Iris Schirl, Linde 2013) and ‘Globale Projekte managen – Neue Wege für die weltweite Projektarbeit’ (coedited with Gerhard Ortner, Symposion Publishing, 2015).

Andreas Nölke
 is Professor of International Relations and International Political Economy at Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany. His research interest relate to the Euro crisis and political economy of European integration, Politics of financialization, Accounting standards and transnational private self-regulation, Capitalism in large emerging markets, Multinational companies from the Global South, Theories of comparative capitalism research, Deep integration in the North-South trade relations. His numerous publications include ‘Multinational Corporations from Emerging Markets. State Capitalism 3.0’ (Palgrave 2014) and 'Handbook of the International Political Economy of the Corporation' (Edward Elgar 2018).

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  • Empirical Overview and Theoretical Perspectives.- Politics and Power in Emerging Market Multinationals.- Sustainability and Emerging Market Multinationals.- Changing Global Labor Conditions.- Regional Expansion Strategies to Europe.- Conclusions.
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Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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