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Eat Often, Feel Great & Lose Weight

An Eating Plan to Curb Appetite and Prevent Low Blood Sugar

Denise Dube

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Are sudden feelings of intense hunger or cravings sabotaging your willpower to lose excess weight once and for all?

It is almost impossible to stick with a calorie restricted diet long enough to reach your weight loss goal if it leaves you feeling hungry. Low blood sugar can cause a lack of concentration, irritability as well as intense hunger. It leads to an instinctive urge to eat--especially sweets.

The recommendations cover how to:

· Increase satiety (the absence of hunger).
· Time meals and snacks.
· Choose low calorie density and high satiety foods.
· Choose portions of foods you like from the different food groups to balance meals and snacks according to individual estimated needs.
· Learn visualize appropriate food portions.
· Make carbohydrates your primary fuel source as nature intended
· Improve energy and concentration levels throughout the day.

This eating plan is also safe for the healthy individuals who do not experience low blood sugar.

Who better to ask for nutrition advice than a Registered Dietitian? There are many weight-loss books availalbe, but few with such professional backing. Denise Dubé, RD, PDt, CNSD, BBA has over 10 years experience as a clinical dietitian and nutrition consultant in the USA and Canada.


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