Paper & Paperboard Packaging

Better Packaging Better World

Assunta Camilo, Simone Ruiz, Antonio Andrade, Margaret Hayasaki, Claudio Marcondes

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Following the path of the previous publications of the Better Packaging Better World collection, we aim, with this new book, to shed light on paper and paperboard packaging, covering the entire chain, from conception to final disposal. All of the authors dedicated their time to explain the latest developments in this area while Instituto de Embalagens' content curation team was attentive to coherently organize the information.

We understand that we must raise awareness among the population and packaging developers, professionals that make choices about packaging in different companies. They must understand the possibilities and applications of paper and paperboard packaging. This book provides information that guides the decision-making process and allows to reach its full potential.

We need to have an unbiased and impartial bibliography and a speech to guide the durable goods, consumer, and packaging industries.

The coauthors understood the challenge and sought updated information to reach the expected result. We aimed to explain the benefits of paper and paperboard packaging and how we should work to use them in a new world.

Better Paper and Paperboard Packaging Better World!

Instituto de Embalagens was founded in 2005 with the objective of being a reference center in education and research about packaging in Brazil. The institute promotes courses, events, workshops, and training sessions aiming to spread information and driving the development of industry professionals. Today, it is a respected institution and it has reached more than 12,000 professionals through more than 90 courses and 130 events.

The journey of knowledge about the packaging is long and continuous. In 2016, the institute created the Packaging on the Road project, a packaging training course designed to make technical training available to professionals from Brazil.

Instituto de Embalagens also conducts customized projects to spread technical information in the packaging area, such as the in-company courses that have already been held in companies such as Cacau Show, Lord, Johnson & Johnson, CBA, Suzano, Nitro Química, JBS, Hershey's and others.

Instituto de Embalagens' faculty is formed by highly qualified professionals who have wide experience in the packaging area.

The institution also develops educational content, today available in 18 books. In 2014, Instituto de Embalagens launched the first book in English, Better Packaging Better World, which has been distributed in several countries. In 2016, it launched the bilingual collection (Portuguese-English) Better Packaging Better World, which already count with
9 books.

The recognition of Instituto de Embalagens goes beyond the borders of Brazil. Several national and foreign institutions use the books of Instituto de Embalagens as didactic material in their courses.

Instituto de Embalagens has been distinguished by several awards, such as the Embanews Prize Roberto Hiraishi Trophy in the Research category, for its Packaging books, and as the Entity of the Year, in 2016.

Other important recognitions are those of the packaging industry which has sponsored the initiatives and the sector's associations that support them, the main packaging users, and thousands of professionals who resort to Instituto de Embalagens to learn more about packaging.

Instituto de Embalagens conducts annual workshops and the Forum of Sustainability to bring to the market innovation, packaging, and cases that aim to improve the relationship of packaging with the environment, aligning our belief:

Better Packaging Better World.


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Erscheinungsdatum 15.09.2021
Verlag Instituto de Embalagens LTDA
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