Shocker 2: Love Gun

Armand Rosamilia, Frank J. Edler

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The second installment in the SHOCKER trilogy continues.

Vito "Shocker" Shocketti is on a mission to find the only woman he's ever loved. His long, lost son is tagging along to help find her. The Baby Jesus told them to. After being locked away for thirty years, Shocker finds his worst enemy is time. He's unleashed upon a world that's moved on since he was locked away. There are cell phones, internets, digital apps and no hair bands on the radio. Worst of all, every rock club he ever claimed as his turf is nowhere to be found.

Shocker 2: Love Gun is the story of a man out of time, a boy and his father and the woman they both need in their lives. Shocker and his son, Manny "Dirty" Sanchez must face the worst this new world throws at them to reunite their family. Under the ever watchful eye of The Baby Jesus they carry around in a backpack they stand a fighting chance to reunite their family.

But the seedy underground boss, Gonzo, and the limitless cadre of monsters at his disposal will stop at nothing to put an end to the family reunion.

Armand Rosamilia and Frank J. Edler return with their leather pants, cut open shirts and cases of hair spray to continue the tale of the badass long hair from New Jersey, So gas up the IROC, crank up the tape player to 11 and throw up them horns for the next part of the story that's sure to make your eyes bleed!


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Erscheinungsdatum 12.07.2016
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