Paperscapes: Chanel

The Book that Transforms into a Work of Art

Emma Baxter-Wright

Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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Bringing to life the story and designs of Coco Chanel, the most influential couturier in the history of fashion, Chanel Paperscapes is an exquisite collection of bespoke illustrations and captivating text. The chic drawings depict her most iconic innovations including fashion, fragrance, jewellery and accessories, as well as the places, motifs and people that inspired her. Each illustration pops out of the page, turning your book into an elegant item to admire and display. Finally, at the back of the book are 10 frameable prints of Coco's most beloved designs, ready to be removed and cherished.


Verkaufsrang 6984
Einband gebundene Ausgabe
Erscheinungsdatum 14.10.2021
Illustrator Francesca Waddell
Verlag Welbeck Publishing Group
Seitenzahl 120
Maße (L/B/H) 15,7/23,7/3 cm
Gewicht 694 g
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-78739-744-6

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  • Coco Chanel; Aubazine Abbey; Baroque; Cabaret; The equestrienne; Millinery; Boy Capel; The bob; Trousers; Jersey; Deauville; Venice; Misia; Ballets Russes; Fur; Biarritz; Le style garcon; 31 rue Cambon; Chanel No.5; Ernest Beaux; Makeup; Bohemian style; Le Train Bleu; Pablo Picasso; Chanel Gardenia perfume; Little Black Dress; Scissors; Pearls; Samuel Goldwyn; Chanel No.22 perfume; The Ritz; Marilyn Monroe; The suit; Marlene Dietrich; Chain; 2.55 handbag; Two-tone shoe; Elizabeth Taylor; Grace Kelly; Chanel No19 perfume; Bijoux de Diamants; The logo; Paul Iribe; Jackie Kennedy; The Lion; The camellia; January 10, 1971; Karl Lagerfeld