Highly Sensitive

Calvary of a hsperson

Chris Novi

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The true reason why most of us keep their heads down throughout their life and why all our gazes hardly ever meet anymore is that our souls are suffering.
Influencing people means spoiling the actual sensuality of their souls for them. Whereupon they will unlearn to think in their own naturalness and stop unfolding their inborn talents. Their ancestral knowledge thus remains hidden from them. Longings are a conse- quence of this presumptuous exertion of influence. The correspond- ingly subjectivized truths suddenly turn into reveries of a failed real- ity. The person thus resounds as the echo of another's music, as part of a crazy, alien drama away from his or her own calling. Whereas the meaning of all life resides in the free unfolding of the self. We are all here toperfect ourselves and develop our creative naturalness. Imposed truths can only desertify and dilute us. Fear-filled, we people distract ourselves from mortal dread with the appearances of life. The liability to exist has thus grown into a sinful guilt for us. Our souls quietly thirst for the exact opposite, but we have forfeited humility – because weknew nothing about gentleness and courageousness as divine genes. So love turned to terror, which is the basis of society's morals, and our own divinity into an awe of God, which is the secret of religion. These arethetwothings that causeus todegenerate, whilesensory processing sensitivity is the perception to regenerate us. Because sensory pro- cessing sensitivity is certain to have been a fundamental, primordial human talent once. We have robbed ourselves of this wonderful sense and become deaf and blind for our unique delicacy.
Let us start with ourselves before we set out together. As it goes through our sensual perception and consciousness, everything we hap- pen upon is also part of ourselves. Which is exactly why deliberate awareness is so important. It is this awareness that overcomes the dis- tortions of the mind and calms the storms of the emotions, because in the recognition of the primordial reflections, anger and the poisoning of the soul, all the dread, yes even the power of terror can lose their force and lead into self-acceptance, peace and love – at the beginning of our future.


Sprecher Deanna Hurst, Bill A. Jones
Spieldauer 84 Minuten
Fassung gekürzt
Abo-Fähigkeit Ja
Medium MP3
Family Sharing Ja i
Erscheinungsdatum 01.06.2018
Verlag SAG7 Music
Hörtyp Hörspiel
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9783950458374

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