Recent Contributions to Dilthey's Philosophy of the Human Sciences

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Understanding the human sciences, what they are and what they can achieve, is as important today, one hundred years after Dilthey's death, as it was when he was alive. Dilthey's own arguments and positions regarding a comprehensive philosophical foundation for the human sciences are still relevant. His program of defending the autonomy of what he called the world of human spirit (die geistige Weil) against positivistic approaches can be used as a paradigm for current assessments of humanistic research. On the 100th anniversary of Dilthey's death, ten renowned philosophers focus on two fields of interest – ›Dilthey and Kant‹ and ›Dilthey and Hermeneutics‹ – to show how Dilthey can productively contribute to today's discussions. The English and German essays will serve especially those academics who have dedicated themselves to the methodological renewal of ›intellectual history‹, to the history of philosophy and science as well as to the history of concepts.


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  • Inhalt:
    Ulrich Dierse: Nachruf auf Karlfried Gründer
    Rudolf A. Makkreel: The Continuing Relevance and Generative Nature of Dilthey‹s Thought

    Dilthey and Kant:
    Annette Hilt: An Ethos of Human Inscrutability and Eccentricity: From Dilthey‹s Critique of Historical Reason to Plessner‹s Philosophical Anthropology
    Massimo Mezzanzanica: Philosophie der Erfahrung und Erneuerung des Apriori: Dilthey und Helmholtz
    Jared A. Millson: Context and Creation: The Significance of Kant‹s Third Critique to Dilthey‹s Hermeneutics of History
    Eric S. Nelson: Self-Reflection, Interpretation, and Historical Life in Dilthey
    Frithjof Rodi: Dilthey zwischen Kant und Goethe

    Dilthey and Hermeneutics:
    Benjamin D. Crowe: Hermeneutic Rationality and Religion
    Theodore Kisiel: Heidegger Reads Dilthey on the Enactment of Christian Heilsgeschichte
    Maja Soboleva: »Die Erweiterung der Logik«: Bedeutungstheorien von Georg Misch und Ernst Cassirer
    Denis Thouard: The Historiography of Hermeneutics: Some Reflections