Ornella Garbani Ballnik

Ornella Garbani Ballnik, lic. phil., ist in eigener logopädischer und psychotherapeutischer Praxis für Kinder, Jugendliche, Erwachsene und Familien in Salzburg tätig. Ausserdem Supervisionen, Lehrtätigkeit im Bereich der Frühförderung, Seminartätigkeit in Österreich, Deutschland und der Schweiz.

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This guidebook provides concrete answers to the most pressing problem of the parents of a silent child face: What can I do at home to help and encourage my child to speak?If a child speaks little or not at all, the parents quickly become anxious and may come to doubt their own actions. Many try to get help without immediately going to a therapist. This guidebook is oriented toward family life and provides concerned parents with background information and practical suggestions for improving their child´s communication skills. They thereby learn to understand why a child remains silent and what they can concretely do to build bridges for the child in question. This volume serves to help parents to have the courage to seek out therapeutic help, even if the child is still very young.

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