Michael Barry Wolf

Michael Wolf, geboren 1954 in den USA, ist Professor für Kontrabass an der Universität der Künste Berlin. Er studierte Musik an der California State University und wurde Mitglied des San Diego Symphony Orchestra. Seine Rundfunk- und Schallplattenaufnahmen sowie rege Konzerttätigkeit und Meisterkurse im In- und Ausland werden stets mit ausgezeichneten Kritiken besprochen.

Grundlagen der Kontrabass-Technik von Michael Barry Wolf


Grundlagen der Kontrabass-Technik
  • Grundlagen der Kontrabass-Technik
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'What do I do when I want to produce this sound and am unable to?' The book 'Grundlagen der Kontrabass-Technik' by Michael B. Wolf provides detailed answers to such questions.
With the help of a detailed programme, the pupil will quickly learn the purely technical elements which are indispensable for artistic expression. Topics such as bowing technique, change of position, vibrato, right-left coordination, intonation or performance preparation condense into an increasingly complex system that always takes all technical and intellectual aspects of sound generation into account. Although many techniques of this method represent a radical breach of tradition, they can be easily used for all double-bass methods and playing techniques.

Michael Barry Wolf, born in 1954 in the USA, is professor of double bass at the Berlin Universitat der Künste. He studied music at the CaliforniaStateUniversity and was member of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. His radio and disc recordings as well as numerous concert activities and master classes at home and abroad have always received great critical acclaim.

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