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Alexander Hanselmann

Hanselmann, Alexander
geb. 1956 in St. Gallen/Schweiz, studierte Querflöte bei Heinrich Keller am Konservatorium Winterthur. Er schreibt kleinere Kompositionen, vor allem für Schülerorchester, Ensembles etc.

Hanselmann, A: Let's Swing von Alexander Hanselmann


Hanselmann, A: Let's Swing
  • Hanselmann, A: Let's Swing
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Alexander Hanselmann's students asked him to write a "hot" piece of music for their music camp, because ensemble playing is much more fun with some modern music. So, he wrote "Let's swing". The piece was originally composed for a student orchestra and is published here in a flute ensemble version with soloists or chorus. The orchestration can well be changed: the piccolo flute may be left out, the bass flute may be replaced or augmented by a cello or bassoon (part enclosed). In the same way, the part of the alto flute in G can be played by a clarinet. With a bit of skill, the arrangement can also be enhanced by using further instruments (e.g. violins or percussion). The presented edition comes with a piano part.

7 flutes

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