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Achim Göres, geboren 1957, ist einer der gefragtesten Live- und Studiogitarristen und unterwegs in ganz Deutschland. Seit über 30 Jahren ist er Berufsmusiker und Gitarrenlehrer. Achim Göres ist Mitbegründer und Mitinhaber der Musikschule Ohrwurm in München.

Simply Classic Rock Guitar von Achim Göres


Simply Classic Rock Guitar
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With this new guitar method for moderately advanced guitar players, you can quickly and easily learn to play the best-known songs and licks of classic rock. Thanks to melodious exercises and clear lead sheets, you learn, while playing, what matters in rock music – and if you want to know for sure, there are optional riffs and solos of famous guitar heroes like Angus Young or Mark Knopfler. The accompanying CD in practical mp3 format contains recordings of all exercises and songs performed and recorded live by the author himself. With additional jam tracks of the 12 songs for your own solo escapades.

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